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Music-POP 2008

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Question 1:
Who sang the song Bubbly?
A) Fantasia Borino   B) Colbie Caillat   C) Asia Cruise   D) Vanessa Ann Hudgens
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Question 2:
Natasha Beddingfield does NOT sing which song?
A) Single   B) Unwritten   C) Say OK   D) Pocketful of Sunshine
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Question 3: Which artist sang Say?
A) David Matthews   B) Bon Jovi   C) John Mayer   D) Jack Ingram
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Question 4: Which American Idol Judge did NOT appear in The Dance Like Theres No Tommorrow music video?
A) Randy Jackson   B) Paula Abdul   C) Simon Cowell   D) none of the above
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Question 5: Who sang Sweetest Girl?
A) Wyclef Jean   B) Bubba Sparxx   C) Pit Bull   D) Will I Am
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Question 6: Bon Jovi sang which song?
A) New Shoes   B) Chariot   C) Leavin   D) Lost Highway
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Question 7: Which singer preforms He Said, She Said?
A) Ashley Tisdale   B) Cascada   C) Brooke Valentine   D) Trina
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Question 8: What song does Michael Buble NOT sing?
A) Lost   B) Call Me Irresponsible   C) Waitin on the world to Change   D) Everything
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Question 9: What song does Pink NOT sing?
A) Dear Mr President   B) 4 in the Morning   C) UR Hand   D) Stupid Girls
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Question 10: What band sings All Around me?
A) Flyleaf   B) Evanescence   C) Plain White Ts   D) Goo Goo Dolls
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