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TV-Home Improvement (Tim Allen) #2

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Question 1:
What operation did Jill have?
A) appendectomy   B) tonsilectomy   C) hysterectomy   D) slipped disc
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Question 2:
Tims youngest son dressed in what color as a teenager?
A) blue   B) black   C) red   D) white
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Question 3: Tims oldest son played what sport?
A) soccer   B) baseball   C) lacrosse   D) football
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Question 4: What was Wilsons nieces name?
A) Winifred   B) Lily   C) Maggie   D) Willow
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Question 5: What was Als girlfriend Eileens job?
A) accountant   B) pediatrician   C) orthodontist   D) podiatrist
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Question 6: Where did Tim and his friends go to hang out?
A) the mall   B) hardware store   C) golf course   D) diner
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Question 7: Who did Al marry?
A) Heidi   B) Eileen   C) Trudy   D) Kate
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Question 8: Who was Wilson related to?
A) Albert Einstein   B) The Beach Boys   C) Woodrow Wilson   D) The Everly Brothers
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Question 9: What Country did Tims middle son go to in high school?
A) Honduras   B) Haiti   C) Peru   D) Costa Rica
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Question 10: What did Tim want to buy during his mid-life crisis?
A) lodge   B) sports car   C) hardware store   D) barber shop
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