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TV-Home Improvement (Tim Allen) #1

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Question 1:
What was Tims favorite sandwich at Big Mikes?
A) Tims Special   B) The Big Stinky   C) Double Sausage   D) The Gut Buster
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Question 2:
How many sisters does Jill have?
A) 5   B) 6   C) 4   D) 3
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Question 3: How many brothers does Tim have?
A) 5   B) 3   C) 4   D) 2
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Question 4: Jill was not very good at what?
A) driving   B) cooking   C) bowling   D) organizing
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Question 5: How did Jills father die?
A) car accident   B) pneumonia   C) old age   D) heart attack
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Question 6: What classes did Tim and Jill take together?
A) karate   B) pottery   C) ballroom dancing   D) painting
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Question 7: What is the name of Tims female assistant who had a baby?
A) Heidi   B) Lisa   C) Pam   D) Debbie
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Question 8: Who was Tims competition in Christmas decorating?
A) proctologist   B) banker   C) psychiatrist   D) mayor
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Question 9: What did Al become part owner of?
A) Binford Tools   B) A garage   C) bar   D) hardware store
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Question 10: Who did Tim have a lawnmower race with?
A) Al   B) Mario Andretti   C) Bob Villa   D) astronaut
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