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Music-Videos (2007-2008)

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Question 1:
Who made an appearance in the video Thnxs Fr Th Mmrs?
A) Jernnifer Love Hewitt   B) Kim Kardshian   C) Jennifer Lopez   D) Jessica Alba
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Question 2:
A girl lead singer did what to a classmate in Misery Business?
A) smudged makeup   B) tripped her   C) cut her hair   D) kissed her
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Question 3: What company fixes a computer in Touch My Body?
A) Geek Squad   B) Bug Buster   C) Compu   D) Drive Fixers
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Question 4: In Sensual Seduction, what is unique about the guitar?
A) blow through a tube   B) no strings   C) shape of a bone   D) nothing
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Question 5: In the Lip Gloss video, what does the girls mom give her?
A) hat   B) lip gloss   C) hair spray   D) bracelet
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Question 6: What event takes place in I Write Sins Not Tragedies?
A) funeral   B) birthday   C) graduation   D) wedding
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Question 7: Who did not appear in the video Rockstar?
A) Britney Spears   B) Hugh Hefners 3 girlfriends   C) Nelly Furtado   D) Kid Rock
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Question 8: In the video Your Beautiful, where does the guy jump from?
A) hill   B) diving board   C) hot air balloon   D) icy cliff
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Question 9: Where does the video Girl Friend take place?
A) golf course   B) school   C) carnival   D) desert
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Question 10: What floats out of the city in These Hard Times?
A) feather   B) paper   C) balloons   D) kite
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