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Music-The Rolling Stones

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Question 1:
The Rolling Stones formed their band in what year?
A) 1965   B) 1962   C) 1966   D) 1963
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Question 2:
Who was NOT an original band member?
A) Mick Jagger   B) Keith Richards   C) Brian Jones   D) Ron Wood
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Question 3: Their hit single, I Can't Get No Satisfaction was released in what year?
A) 1965   B) 1968   C) 1964   D) 1967
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Question 4: On what album was the song Sympathy for the Devil first recorded?
A) Let It Bleed   B) Beggars Banquet   C) Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!   D) Goats Head Soup
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Question 5: On what album was the song Waiting On A Friend first recorded?
A) Tattoo You   B) Let It Bleed   C) Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!   D) Goats Head Soup
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Question 6: On what album was the song Beast of Burden first recorded?
A) Black and Blue   B) Emotional Rescue   C) Some Girls   D) Tattoo You
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Question 7: Who is the current drummer?
A) Charlie Watts   B) Bill Wyman   C) Mick Taylor   D) Brian Jones
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Question 8: Which album was released first?
A) Steel Wheels   B) Undercover   C) Bridges To Babylon   D) Voodoo Lounge
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Question 9: What Rolling Stones song was used in advertising Windows 95 release?
A) Jumpin' Jack Flash   B) Start Me Up   C) Let It Loose   D) Gimme Shelter
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Question 10: What year were they inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
A) 1991   B) 1989   C) 1987   D) 1993
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