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Music-Classic Rock (1970-1979)

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Question 1:
What group released the album Sticky Fingers?
A) Led Zepplin   B) Rolling Stones   C) Grand Funk   D) Jefferson Airplane
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Question 2:
Eric Clapton released his first solo album in 1970 after leaving what band?
A) Milk and Honey   B) The Birds   C) Cream   D) Buffalo Springfield
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Question 3: Which of the following is an album from the group Who?
A) Whos Next   B) Revolver   C) Whos the Man   D) Whos the Band
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Question 4: What group released their first album called High Voltage in 1975?
A) Electric Eye   B) AC/DC   C) Jimmy Hendricks   D) Heavy Metal Gods
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Question 5: What group recorded the song More Than a Feeling on their debut album in 1976?
A) Kansas   B) Traffic   C) Journey   D) Boston
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Question 6: Which group released thier first album in 1978?
A) Def Leppard   B) Van Halen   C) Santana   D) ZZ Top
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Question 7: Phil Collins joined which group in 1970?
A) Genesis   B) Kansas   C) Fleetwood Mac   D) Moody Blues
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Question 8: What band was formed in England in 1977?
A) Cream   B) Black Sabbath   C) The Police   D) Judas Priest
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Question 9: The group Kiss was formed in what city?
A) Boston   B) New York   C) Philadelphia   D) Los Angeles
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Question 10: What group formed in 1974 in New York?
A) Steve Miller Band   B) Steppenwolf   C) Styx   D) Blondie
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