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Music-R&B / Soul (2007-2008)

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Question 1:
What artist sings Like Youll Never See Me Again?
A) Amy Winehouse   B) Ciara   C) Keyshia Cole   D) Alicia keys
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Question 2:
What artist performs Love In This Club?
A) Jay Z   B) Usher   C) Lil Scrappy   D) Akon
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Question 3: Who Singhs SOS?
A) Rihanna   B) Mary J. Blige   C) Jojo   D) Tiffany Evans
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Question 4: Which one of these is NOT preformed by Chris Brown?
A) With You   B) Forever   C) Kiss Kiss   D) Killa
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Question 5: Which song does Mariah Carey sing?
A) One Two Steps   B) Touch My Body   C) Crazy In Love   D) Heaven Sent
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Question 6: Who sings Falsetto?
A) The-Dream   B) Lloyd   C) Marvin Gaye   D) Ne-Yo
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Question 7: Chris Brown performs which song?
A) No One   B) I Luv Your Girl   C) With You   D) Got Me Going
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Question 8: Which one of these is NOT sung by Alicia Keys?
A) Fallin   B) No One   C) Like Youll Never See Me Again   D) Love Song
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Question 9: Which one of these songs is NOT sung by Amy Winehouse?
A) Rehab   B) You Know Im No Good   C) Back To Black   D) Teenage Love Affair
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Question 10: What all male group did Diddy create?
A) Day 26   B) Jackson 5   C) The Temptations   D) Danity Kane
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