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Music-Rap 2007

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Question 1:
What male rap artist wrote Stronger?
A) Lil Wayne   B) Bow Wow   C) 50 Cent   D) Kanye West
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Question 2:
What rapper created the album named The People?
A) Common   B) Timbaland   C) MIMS   D) Young Jeezy
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Question 3: Who was featured in Bone Thugs-N-Harmonys song I Tried?
A) Akon   B) Usher   C) Lil Mama   D) Musiq Soulchild
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Question 4: Who preformed Superstar?
A) Ghostface   B) Birdman   C) Chamillionaire   D) Lupe Fiasco
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Question 5: Timbaland sings what song?
A) Its Over   B) We Takin Over   C) The Way I Are   D) Looking Up
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Question 6: M.I.A. performs which song?
A) Paper Planes   B) Smile   C) G Slide   D) Click
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Question 7: Which actress appeared in the Fabolous music video Make Me Better?
A) Cameron Diaz   B) Roselyn Sanchez   C) Queen Latifah   D) Vivica Fox
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Question 8: Who raps I Get Money?
A) Skyzoo   B) Redman   C) 50 Cent   D) Wyclef
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Question 9: What song does T.I. preform?
A) Sweetest Girl   B) Sensual Seduction   C) Party People   D) Big Things Poppin?
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Question 10: What rap artist sings Lipgloss?
A) Missy Elliot   B) M.I.A.   C) Lil Mama   D) Lil Kim
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