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Music-Modern Rock (2007-2008)

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Question 1:
What band performed Thnks fr th Mmrs?
A) Simple Plan   B) Fall Out Boy   C) Blink 182   D) Daughtry
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Question 2:
What song does OneRepublic sing with Timbaland?
A) Stop and Stare   B) Smooth   C) Apologize   D) Dance, Dance
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Question 3: What was Paramores first big hit?
A) Crushcrushcrush   B) Misery Business   C) Thats What You Get   D) Pressure
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Question 4: What former American Idol contestant created the rock group that sings Home?
A) Chris Daughtry   B) Bo Bice   C) Carly Smithson   D) Kelly Clarkson
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Question 5: What song does Linkin Park preform?
A) Rockstar   B) All Around Me   C) Sorry   D) Bleed it Out
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Question 6: What band sings Won't Go Home Without You?
A) Maroon 5   B) 3 Days Grace   C) Flyleaf   D) Lifehouse
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Question 7: What does Panic! At The Disco preform?
A) Im A Lawyer   B) Better Than Me   C) I Write Sins Not Tragedies   D) Beverly Hills
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Question 8: Who sings Paralyzer?
A) Finger Eleven   B) Buckcherry   C) Hinder   D) Weezer
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Question 9: James Blunt performs what song?
A) Carry You Home   B) Her Eyes   C) Inside of Your Heaven   D) Goin Home
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Question 10: Who was the first rocker to preform Michael Jacksons Billie Jean?
A) David Cook   B) Chris Cornell   C) Rob Thomas   D) Chad Kroger
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