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Movies-Tim Allen Movies

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Question 1:
How many Santa Clause movies did Tim Allen star in?
A) 2   B) 3   C) 1   D) 4
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Question 2:
Who played Tim Allens wife in For Richer or Poorer?
A) Wendy Crewsen   B) Patricia Richardson   C) Kirstie Alley   D) Rene Russo
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Question 3: Who was NOT one of the Wild Hogs?
A) John Travolta   B) Martin Lawrence   C) William H Macy   D) Ray Liotta
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Question 4: Scott Calvin was Tim Allens character in what movie?
A) Joe Somebody   B) The Santa Clause   C) Jungle 2 Jungle   D) Home Improvement
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Question 5: Where did Tim Allens character Brad Sexton hide from the IRS?
A) Farm   B) Vineyard   C) Hospital   D) Beach
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Question 6: Who played Tim Allens co-worker in Jungle 2 Jungle?
A) Steve Martin   B) Martin Lawrence   C) Martin Short   D) Dan Ackroyd
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Question 7: Jason Nesmith was Tim Allens character name in what movie?
A) The Shaggy Dog   B) Big Trouble   C) Jungle 2 Jungle   D) Galaxy Quest
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Question 8: What was Tim Allens characters first name in Christmas With The Kranks?
A) Scott   B) Luther   C) Larry   D) David
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Question 9: Which one of these Tim Allen movies was the earliest?
A) For Richer or Poorer   B) The Santa Clause   C) Jungle 2 Jungle   D) Toy Story
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Question 10: Who played Tim Allens wife in the Shaggy Dog?
A) Wendy Crewson   B) Kristen Davis   C) Mimi Siku   D) Elizabeth Mitchell
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