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TV-The Flintstones Cartoon Show

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Question 1:
What city did the Flintstones live in?
A) Bedford   B) Rockford   C) Bedrock   D) Stone Island
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Question 2:
Where did Fred work?
A) Car Sales   B) Bank   C) Paint Store   D) Rock Quarry
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Question 3: What was Freds best friends name?
A) Marty   B) Barney   C) Tom   D) Frederick
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Question 4: What was Freds wifes name?
A) Betty   B) Wilma   C) Charlotte   D) Mary
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Question 5: What was the name of Freds boss?
A) Mr. Rubble   B) Mr. Bolder   C) Mr. Pebbles   D) Mr. Slate
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Question 6: What was the name of Freds dog?
A) Dino   B) Max   C) Spot   D) Barney
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Question 7: How many children did Fred have?
A) 4   B) 2   C) 3   D) 1
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Question 8: What was Freds best friends wifes name?
A) Barbara   B) Betty   C) Mary   D) Helen
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Question 9: What was Freds lodge clubs name?
A) Wild Buffaloes   B) Loyal Buffaloes   C) Mighty Buffaloes   D) Water Buffaloes
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Question 10: Freds car was powered by what?
A) Elephant   B) Mice   C) His Feet   D) Large Rubberbands
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