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TV-Show Towns #1

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Question 1:
What town was the Rosanne TV show in?
A) Atlanta   B) Peoria   C) Lanford   D) Bedford
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Question 2:
Andy Griffith show?
A) St. Louis   B) Mayberry   C) Austin   D) Houston
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Question 3: Home Improvment (Tool Time and Tim Allen) show?
A) Detroit   B) Harmon   C) Hammond   D) Chesterfield
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Question 4: E.R. show?
A) Boston   B) New York   C) Los Angeles   D) Chicago
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Question 5: I Dream of Jeannie?
A) Cocoa Beach   B) Myrtle Beach   C) Houston   D) Galveston
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Question 6: The Matlock show?
A) Detroit   B) Atlanta   C) Boston   D) Dallas
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Question 7: The Young and the Restless show?
A) Carson City   B) Jersey City   C) Genoa City   D) Atlantic City
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Question 8: The Gunsmoke show?
A) Reno   B) Dodge City   C) Virgina Beach   D) Salem
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Question 9: The Bonanza show?
A) Kent   B) Hartford   C) Huntsville   D) Virginia City
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Question 10: The Whos the Boss show?
A) Glen Lawn   B) Glen Cove   C) Glen Beach   D) Glendale
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