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Movies-Animated Movie Characters

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Question 1:
Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the voice of a Feline Prince in?
A) That Darn Cat   B) The Aristocats   C) The Lion King   D) The Prince of Egypt
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Question 2:
Scooby Doo has a mischievious nephew named what?
A) Sappy   B) Sammy   C) Scrappy   D) Taffy
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Question 3: Who was the original voice of Mickey Mouse?
A) Burl Ives   B) Walt Disney   C) Roy Disney   D) Dan Dailey
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Question 4: What was Eddie Murphys characters name in Mulan?
A) Moishy   B) Fazoo   C) Leechee   D) Mushu
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Question 5: Who was the voice of Mr. Magoo?
A) Jim Backus   B) Bob Denver   C) Phil Silvers   D) Tim Allen
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Question 6: In the Lion King, who was the voice of Timon?
A) Eddie Murphy   B) Nathan Lane   C) Jason Lee   D) Ernie Hudson
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Question 7: In Toy Story, who was the voice of Woody?
A) Brad Pitt   B) John Travolta   C) Tom Hanks   D) Michael J. Fox
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Question 8: Which is NOT one of the Seven Dwarfs?
A) Sleepy   B) Clumsy   C) Doc   D) Grumpy
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Question 9: In Toy Story, Don Rickles was the voice of which character?
A) Rex   B) Bo Peep   C) Mr. Potato Head   D) Slinky
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Question 10: Meg Ryan was the voice of the title character in which movie?
A) Pocahontas   B) Snow White   C) Mulan   D) Anastasia
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