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Movies-Hollywood Movie Heros

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Question 1:
What dashing leading man was in Father Goose?
A) Clark Gable   B) Cary Grant   C) Clint Eastwood   D) Robert Montgomery
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Question 2:
Who was the star of The Cowboys?
A) Richard Widmark   B) Gary Cooper   C) John Wayne   D) Jimmy Stewart
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Question 3: What actor played the title role of Kelly in Kellys Heros?
A) Clint Eastwood   B) Telly Savales   C) Carroll OConner   D) Donald Sutherland
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Question 4: What Jimmy Stewart movie was his first after serving in World War 2
A) Harvey   B) How the West Was Won   C) Rear Window   D) Its a Wonderful Life
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Question 5: What actor played the character Hans Solo in 3 movies?
A) Mark Hamill   B) Harrison Ford   C) Billy Dee Williams   D) Liam Neeson
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Question 6: Which actor played a hero/convict in Con Air?
A) Sean Connery   B) Nicolas Cage   C) John Cusack   D) John Travolta
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Question 7: What actor won an Oscar for a character named Rooster Cogburn?
A) Richard Widmark   B) Robert Wagner   C) Sidney Poitier   D) John Wayne
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Question 8: Who was the military pilot hero in Independence Day?
A) Jeff Goldblum   B) Will Smith   C) John Travolta   D) Denzel Washington
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Question 9: What actor played the oldest brother in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?
A) Harve Presnell   B) Howard Keel   C) Danny Kaye   D) Gene Kelly
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Question 10: Who starred with Doris Day in Teachers Pet?
A) Rock Hudson   B) Tony Randall   C) Frank Sinatra   D) Clark Gable
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