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Music-Pink Floyd

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Question 1:
Through the years, Pink Floyd has sold how many albums?
A) over 50 million   B) over 200 million   C) over 300 million   D) over 100 million
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Question 2:
What year was The Dark Side Of The Moon released?
A) 1973   B) 1972   C) 1974   D) 1971
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Question 3: What year was Animals released?
A) 1976   B) 1975   C) 1978   D) 1977
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Question 4: What year was The Wall released?
A) 1978   B) 1979   C) 1980   D) 1981
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Question 5: Roger Waters left the band in what year?
A) 1986   B) 1985   C) 1984   D) 1987
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Question 6: Many people play Dark Side Of The Moon as a soundtrack to what movie?
A) Its a Wonderful Life   B) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington   C) The Wizard of Oz   D) Private Ryan
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Question 7: In 1987, the band released what album?
A) Momentary Memory Loss   B) A Reason to Lapse   C) A Momentary Lapse of Reason   D) In the Moment
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Question 8: On which album was Shine On You Crazy Diamond?
A) The Wall   B) Dark Side of the Moon   C) Wish You Were here   D) Animals
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Question 9: What album was Money released on?
A) Dark Side of the Moon   B) Wish You Were here   C) Animals   D) The Wall
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Question 10: Who plays the drums?
A) Roger Waters   B) David Gilmour   C) Rick Wright   D) Nick Mason
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