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World-Cities #3

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Question 1:
Where is the City of Hamburg?
A) Scotland   B) Germany   C) France   D) Chile
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Question 2:
Where is the City of Kingston?
A) Jamaica   B) Guyana   C) Denmark   D) England
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Question 3: Where is the City of Rio de Janeiro?
A) Italy   B) Madagascar   C) Equador   D) Brazil
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Question 4: Where is the City of Osaka?
A) India   B) Spain   C) Japan   D) Austria
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Question 5: Where is the City of Bombay?
A) India   B) Serbia   C) Egypt   D) China
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Question 6: Where is the City of Cape Town?
A) Thailand   B) South Africa   C) Netherlands   D) Colombia
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Question 7: Where is the City of Leeds?
A) France   B) Scotland   C) England   D) Cuba
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Question 8: Where is the City of Copenhagen?
A) Denmark   B) Sweden   C) Germany   D) Ireland
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Question 9: Where is the City of Mecca?
A) Australia   B) Malaysia   C) Mexico   D) Saudi Arabia
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Question 10: Where is the City of Paris?
A) Italy   B) France   C) India   D) Iceland
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