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Music-Pop Trivia (2007-2008)

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Question 1:
How many girls are in the group Danity Kane?
A) 6   B) 3   C) 5   D) 4
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Question 2:
What song does Flo Rida preform?
A) Cyclone   B) Low   C) Superman   D) Love is in the Club
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Question 3: What singer has the Best Of Both Worlds?
A) Miley Cyrus   B) Hilary Duff   C) Jamie Lynn Spears   D) Tiffany Evans
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Question 4: Which song does Leona Lewis sing?
A) Bleeding Love   B) Mercy   C) Love me Hate Me   D) Rehab
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Question 5: Which Jackson sings Feedback?
A) Michael   B) Tito   C) Janet   D) Latoya
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Question 6: What pop singer sings Umbrella?
A) Ciara   B) Rihanna   C) Jordin Sparks   D) Beyonce
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Question 7: What song does Chris Brown preform with T-Pane?
A) Wall 2 Wall   B) Sweetest Girl   C) Elevator   D) Kiss Kiss
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Question 8: What former American Idol sings Wait For You?
A) Clay Aiken   B) Ruben Studard   C) Elliot Yamin   D) Sanjaya
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Question 9: What band sings When You Look Me In The Eye?
A) Jonas Brothers   B) Day 26   C) Nickelback   D) B5
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Question 10: What artist sings Whine Up?
A) Missy Elliot   B) Kat DeLuna   C) Duffy   D) Gwen Stefani
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