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World-USA State Capitals #1

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Question 1:
What is the State Capital of Washington?
A) Bellevue   B) Olympia   C) Mount Vernon   D) Seattle
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Question 2:
Capital of Maine?
A) Bangor   B) Kennebunkport   C) Rockport   D) Augusta
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Question 3: Capital of Texas?
A) Austin   B) Houston   C) Ft. Worth   D) Dallas
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Question 4: Capital of Arizona?
A) Mesa   B) Phoenix   C) Scottsdale   D) Flagstaff
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Question 5: Capital of Oklahoma?
A) Edmond   B) Muskogee   C) Oklahoma City   D) Perry
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Question 6: Capital of Florida?
A) Tallahassee   B) Tampa   C) Orlando   D) Miami
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Question 7: Capital of Minnesota?
A) Minneapolis   B) Bloomington   C) Edina   D) St. Paul
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Question 8: Capital of California?
A) Los Angeles   B) Sacramento   C) Hollywood   D) San Francisco
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Question 9: Capital of Nevada?
A) Carson City   B) Las Vegas   C) Reno   D) Virginia City
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Question 10: Capital of Georgia?
A) Augusta   B) Tifton   C) Atlanta   D) Dawson
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