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Movies-John Travolta Trivia

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Question 1:
Who co-stared with John Travolta in the Look Whos Talking trilogy?
A) Kelly Preston   B) Mimi Rogers   C) Kirstie Alley   D) Oliva Newton John
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Question 2:
What was the name of the high school in Grease?
A) Riverview   B) Rydell   C) Ridgemont   D) Randolph
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Question 3: What actor co-starred in Face Off?
A) Robert Downey Jr.   B) Tom Hanks   C) Ethan Hawke   D) Nicolas Cage
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Question 4: What job did John have in Saturday Night Fever?
A) Dancer   B) Bartender   C) Paint Store Worker   D) Waiter
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Question 5: What movie did Johns character have telekenic powers?
A) Picture Perfect   B) Phenomenon   C) Michael   D) Doomsday
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Question 6: What was unique about Johns character in Michael?
A) he was blind   B) he could read minds   C) he was an angel   D) he was telekentic
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Question 7: What movie did John co-star with Tim Allen?
A) Wild and Crazy   B) Wild Hogs   C) The Wild One   D) Wild Bikers
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Question 8: What movie did John star in that was originally a Broadway musical?
A) On the Town   B) Baltimore or Bust   C) 42nd Street   D) Hairspray
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Question 9: Who was Johns female co-star in Swordfish?
A) Halle Berry   B) Samantha Fox   C) Rosyln Sanchez   D) Angelina Jolie
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Question 10: What movie did John play a US President?
A) The Generals Daughter   B) Primary Colors   C) An American President   D) The Home of the Brave
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