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Music-Eagles Trivia

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Question 1:
What year was The Eagles band formed?
A) 1969   B) 1971   C) 1972   D) 1970
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Question 2:
What was the name of their first album?
A) Eagles   B) Desperado   C) On The Border   D) One of These Nights
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Question 3: Who was NOT an original member of The Eagles?
A) Bernie Leadon   B) Glenn Frey   C) Timothy B. Schmit   D) Randy Meisner
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Question 4: What city did The Eagles form their band in?
A) Los Angeles   B) Hollywood   C) San Francisco   D) Sacramento
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Question 5: What year did The Eagles break up?
A) 1979   B) 1981   C) 1983   D) 1980
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Question 6: What year were The Eagles reunited?
A) 1991   B) 1990   C) 1994   D) 1995
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Question 7: What was the name of the album they released after they reunited?
A) Heaven and Hell   B) Freezing Hell   C) Hell on Earth   D) Hell Freezes Over
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Question 8: What was the name of thier second album before they broke up?
A) Eagles 2   B) Witchy Woman   C) On the Border   D) Desperado
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Question 9: What album was the number 1 song Best Of My Love originally released on?
A) On the Border   B) Desperado   C) Witchy Woman   D) One of These Nights
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Question 10: What was the name of The Eagles last album before they broke up?
A) One of These Nights   B) The Long Run   C) Hotel California   D) Heartache Tonight
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