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Music-Aerosmith Trivia

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Question 1:
Who is the lead singer for Aerosmith?
A) Joe Perry   B) Joey Kramer   C) Steven Tyler   D) Brad Whitford
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Question 2:
Who plays lead guitar?
A) Brad Whitford   B) Tom Hamilton   C) Joey Kramer   D) Joe Perry
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Question 3: What was the name of their first album?
A) Get Your Wings   B) Aerosmith   C) Dream On   D) Toys in the Attic
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Question 4: What year was thier first album released?
A) 1975   B) 1973   C) 1971   D) 1974
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Question 5: Who plays the drums?
A) Joey Kramer   B) Joe Perry   C) Tom Hamilton   D) Steven Tyler
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Question 6: Who plays the bass?
A) Brad Whitford   B) Joey Kramer   C) Joe Perry   D) Tom Hamilton
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Question 7: What was the name of their second album?
A) Dream On   B) Get Your Wings   C) Toys in the Attic   D) Aerosmith 2
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Question 8: What year was their second album released?
A) 1972   B) 1974   C) 1975   D) 1976
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Question 9: What city is Aerosmith from (also recorded their first album here)?
A) Atlanta   B) New York   C) Boston   D) Jacksonville
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Question 10: On what album was the song Back In The Saddle originally released?
A) Rocks   B) Stones   C) Diamonds   D) Get Your Wings
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