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TV-Game Show Hosts (1990-1999)

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Question 1:
Who hosted American Gladiators in 1995?
A) Danny Lee Clark   B) Mark Clark   C) Clark Lee   D) Lee Clark Burgess
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Question 2:
Who hosted Trivial Pursuit in 1993?
A) David McCall   B) Mark Anderson   C) Wink Martindale   D) Mark Winkman
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Question 3: Who hosted Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 1999?
A) Roger McLoud   B) Ann Hargrave   C) Peter Marshall   D) Regis Philbin
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Question 4: Who hosted Rumor Has It in 1993?
A) Brian OConnor   B) Brian Wilson Lee   C) Danny Lee   D) Bob Bergen
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Question 5: Who hosted Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? in 1991?
A) Judy Bamber   B) Greg Lee   C) Jim Lange   D) Ed McMahon
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Question 6: Who hosted Trump Card in 1990?
A) Mark Marcham   B) Donald Trump   C) Jimmy Cefalo   D) Mark Martin
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Question 7: Who hosted Family Feud in 1994?
A) John Charles   B) Richard Anthony   C) Richard Dawson   D) Dick Enberg
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Question 8: Who hosted Make The Grade in 1991?
A) Edward Moore   B) Rob Edward Morris   C) Robert Lee Howard   D) Howard Lee
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Question 9: Who hosted Shopping Spree in 1997?
A) Ron Pearson   B) Ron Parker   C) Jim Nance Jr.   D) Howard Harper
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Question 10: Who hosted The Dating Game in 1999?
A) Chuck Wilson   B) Chuck Woolery   C) Chuck Watson   D) Chuck Waters
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