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TV-Game Show Hosts (2000-2008)

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Question 1:
Who hosted Deal or No Deal in 2008?
A) Bob Barker   B) Howie Mandell   C) Jeff Strickland   D) Wink Martindale
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Question 2:
Who hosted The Price is Right in 2008?
A) Jim Newman   B) Sam Stone   C) Drew Carey   D) Carey Sanders
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Question 3: Who hosted Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader in 2008?
A) Bill Bradley   B) Bill Cullen   C) Hugh Martin   D) Jeff Foxworthy
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Question 4: Who hosted Dancing With The Stars in 2007?
A) Tom Bergeron   B) Mario Lopez   C) Bruno Tonioli   D) Alan Dedicoat
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Question 5: Who hosted 1 vs. 100 in 2007?
A) Bob Saget   B) Bob Wallace   C) Bob Simon   D) Bob Reed
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Question 6: Who hosted Wheel Of Fortune in 2005?
A) Robert Robinson   B) Pat Sajak   C) Ben Stein   D) Stuart Scott
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Question 7: Who hosted American Idol in 2007?
A) Ross Shafer   B) Jack Barry   C) Peter Brener   D) Ryan Seacrest
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Question 8: Who hosted Dont Forget The Lyrics in 2007?
A) Eric Boardman   B) Wayne Brady   C) Steve Elkington   D) Bob Clayton
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Question 9: Who hosted Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2006?
A) Meredith Vieira   B) Dick Clark   C) Jennifer Cole   D) Joyce Goen
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Question 10: Who hosted The Amazing Race in 2006?
A) Tom Jennings   B) Jack Kelly   C) Phil Keoghan   D) Peter Marshall
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